Tutti 0+, Hawthorn Rose

Tutti 0+, Hawthorn Rose

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Erittäin ohut ja turvallinen
Hellävarainen kehittyville hampaille
Käytännöllinen suojakansi mukana
Pehmeät reunat, jotka ovat hellävaraisia ​​iholle
Hengittää hyvin, pitää ihon kuivana
Symmetrinen muotoilu
Turvalliset materiaalit, lääketieteellistä silikonia, BPA-vapaa

Herobilityn tutit kehitetään vauvan tarpeet mielessä pitäen. Tutti lohduttaa, auttaa vauvaa tuntemaan olonsa turvalliseksi ja rauhalliseksi myös silloin, kun hän ei makaa sylissä. Vauva nukahtaa helpommin tuttia imiessään.

ERITTÄIN PEHMEÄ JA MUKAVA KÄYTTÄÄ: Tutissa on ohut ja pehmeä silikoninen imuosa, joka on suunniteltu sopimaan täydellisesti vauvan suuhun. 

EI ESTÄ LUONNOLLISTA HAMPAIDEN KASVUA: Turvallinen vauvan hampaille ja ikenille. Ohut imuosa ei estä hampaita kasvamasta kuten perinteiset tutit.

HELPPO PITÄÄ PUHTAANA JA HYGIEISENÄ: Mukana oleva suoja pitää tutin puhtaana ja sitä voidaan käyttää tutin sterilointiin mikroaaltouunissa. 

HELLÄVARAINEN VAUVAN IHOLLE: Pehmeät kumireunat, joissa on suuret tuuletusaukot, jotka ovat erityisen hellävaraisia vauvallesi.

Herobilityllä sinulla on aina mahdollisuus ilmaiseen toimitukseen. Huomaa, että paikallisilla postipalvelujen tarjoajilla voi olla rajoitetut toimitusmahdollisuudet, mikä vaikuttaa toimitusaikaan. Alla on luettelo Herobilityn tarjoamista toimitustavoista. Huomaa, että tässä luetellun toimitusajan lisäksi toimitusaikaan voidaan lisätä vielä 1-2 päivää, jotta varastollamme on aikaa valmistella tilauksesi.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Amy Soumahoro
Best bottles


Lisa Clark
Best baby bottles ever 🤗

I’m so glad I came across these bottles as we live in little New Zealand 😊
They are fantastic and I’ve bought them for my grandchildren and also as gifts for new mums ❤️not one baby has not taken to these bottles will be ordering more 🤗

Only bottle my babe will take!

Tried probably 6 bottles before we landed on herobility. Our little one struggled with trapped gas… and these bottles were truly life changing. Love them. I recommend them to all new momma friends.

Maarja Kemper


Best bottle for a lip tie and CMPA! BUY THEM NOW!

I’ve never been one to promote products. Generally I keep opinions to myself. However, I had to share my daughters experience with these bottles. She is currently 12wks of age. She was diagnosed with CMPA at the tender age of only 3wks. That has caused her to have numerous issues that are worse than what the average baby experiences. Her allergy causes severely trapped gas, severe acid reflux, and a lot of coughing (to name a few issues). This is the fourth type/brand of bottle I have tried for her. She cannot use any wide nipples at all. She cannot get her upper lip up & over narrow nipples well enough either. This causes her to have a latch that’s less than perfect, yet it’s been manageable for her to get enough formula down to gain weight appropriately. The less than ideal seal/latch causes her to make a constant clicking noise while sucking. Desperate to find a bottle with an even more narrow nipple, I came across Herobility. Since the nipple is essentially just a tip she no longer needs to struggle to keep her upper lip up & over any part of the nipple to get a good seal/latch. Her first feeding with her herobility bottle was the quietest feeding to date! There was still some clicking, however it was quite minimal. I believe that’s only due to her trying to adjust to sucking on a nipple that is flatter and wide as opposed to a more circular skinny tip of a nipple. I’m confident in time the minimal clicking will end up stopping. She’s taking in no excess air with the herobility bottle. This is a huge plus as the excess air was contributing to agitating her reflux, and causing her to spit up when burped. There was zero spit up when being burped! She has to have oatmeal mixed with her amino acid based formula. If you’re familiar with amino acid based formulas, they generally don’t blend well with other substances. This led to a lot of clumping in her other bottles. There was also a good amount of wasted formula & oatmeal at the bottom of every bottle because it was far too thick for her to even suck through the nipple (which is the fastest flow nipple designed for thicker liquids the brand makes). I ordered the XL nipples for her herobility bottles since she does have to have oatmeal in the formula. This was the first ever feeding since starting the oatmeal that there was absolutely nothing left in the bottle! The mixing screen that comes with these bottles did an amazing job to help her formula blend with the oatmeal. I left the mixing screen in the bottle when I fed her so that I could shake it up as needed (the formula tends to get even thicker due to the oatmeal as it sits in the bottle while she feeds). Another issue she was having was choking because the other bottle nipple wouldn’t allow her to control the flow of the formula. It just dripped out at a steady pace. When she would take a break from sucking, but keep the bottle in her mouth, it would allow formula to drip inside her mouth forcing her to swallow and causing her to choke. She would also choke sometimes when it would come out too quickly. I had tried to go down a nipple size and nothing would come through. So she was stuck with this issues. The herobility XL nipple is great! It allows her to completely control the flow and pace at which her formula comes out. She has no choking or gagging. She could take a break and start sucking again with zero issues. Also, she has to feed in a more upright position due to her reflux. This bottle allows the nipple to fill with formula without any air bubbles lingering around for her to suck in, even when sitting more upright as opposed to being in a more reclined position while feeding. All of these differences have been noticed, and taken place, after only ONE FEEDING! I cannot wait for her to continue using this bottle. After three months of struggling to find something better suited to her needs I have finally found it in herobility. So very thankful for this company and their innovative design for both bottle and nipple. The bottle is very comfortable to hold onto. Very lightweight as well. They’re also incredibly easy to clean. Her amino acid based formula tends to leave behind a ‘greasy’ residue. That washes right off of herobility bottles with minimal effort. They also hold up well in a sterilizer machine. Truly cannot say enough about this product. Even if your child doesn’t have a lip tie or CMPA, I highly recommend these bottles over every other one on the market. And I’ve used a lot of various ones over the years, not just for her. I also have a 17 year old son and a 12.5 year old daughter. Hopefully I have covered everything in my review so that I might help someone else who’s on the fence about purchasing this bottle. Do your child a favor, take the plunge, and buy them herobility bottles. You will not regret it. They’re worth every penny and more! Oh, and if you’re worried about ship time to the states, they’re incredibly fast. I placed my order on Tuesday and got them on Friday!